The Lovely Janet

    Heirloom Veggies and Herbs
    Traditional Remedies
    And Essential and Fragrance Oils

Quick peek at The Lovely Janet's farm.

In addition to online plant, oils and herbal sales, The Lovely Janet and our parent company,
Owlstar, set up sales booths at Second Saturday sidewalk sales at the Ashland Square, at
the Alexander City Farmers Market, and Native American festivals in the eastern
Alabama/Western Georgia region between March and November.  Our "home" festival is the
Spirit of the Wolf Pow Wow, located right across the street from our farm.

We also share our new home with Marie and Vamp, our Nigerian Dwarf Goats who will
someday be providing milk; our fuzzy canine child, Yvhikes (pronounced ya-hay-jus), Harley
the cat, and thirteen as yet unnamed koi in our prototype aquaponic projects (see below for
rogue's gallery of critters and their living quarters).

You can contact us by phone at 770-596-7625 (Metro Atlanta) or 256-276-8599
(Alabama), or by email at

Our greenhouses and gardens are located at 5186 County Rd. 5, Ashland, AL.  You’re
welcome to come visit, take a look around, and take home some exciting new additions for
your garden.

What's New!

Ready for sale now:  scented geraniums in 4" pots - chocolate mint, candy dancer, and
snowflake rose (nutmeg mint coming within a few months); mints in 4" pots - chocolate,
pineapple, spearmint, balsam, pear, and lime flavors (apple mint coming soon); aloe vera in
4" pots; cyclamen (mostly white, may be some pink).  Native American natural stone and
glass bead jewelry.

Coming in the spring;  We will be starting an expanded list of seedlings in 2 inch and 4 inch
pots in December and January, ready for sale beginning in early March.   These will
include tomato, hot and sweet pepper, and herb plants.

We inherited pear, fig and plum trees, blueberry bushes, and scuppernong vines from the
previous owner, and were gifted with blackberry and strawberry plants.  These produced
modest to prolific crops for the 2009 growing season, sufficient for personal use and the
production of jellies and sauces for market sales.  We anticipate more of this in coming

Where we sell:  

* At our farm at 5153 County Road 5, Ashland, AL 36251 (GPS and most online maps
 are unreliable ...for best directions, enter 'The Lovely Janet" on Google Map's search.)

* Selected Native American Events - 2010 Calendar (coming soon)

* Mail Order Online: See our products pages on this web site

* Ashland Second Saturday, Ashland square sidewalks, downtown Ashland, AL,
 second Saturday morning each month (not sure about early winter months, but
 know November and December are "on," weather permitting).

* Alexander City Farmer's Markets (Saturday mornings beginning in May 2010,
 downtown, Alexander City, AL,)  Maybe other farmers markets (Oxford/Anniston?).

Click on the links below to learn more about what The Lovely Janet is  offering for sale: