About The Lovely Janet
                                                             Some of the plants we have offered for sale

Janet and Gary Smith are committed to helping you secure access to "first instructions"
foods and healing, by providing the means to grow or purchase natural, heirloom foods,
and remedies provided by the Earth Mother's plants and minerals.

Our mentors include traditional Native American herbalists and growers, and non-Indian
heirloom seed savers and growers.  Our seed sources include such respected sources as the  
members of Seedsavers Exchange and Native Seed Search, who are dedicated to preserving
heirloom seeds and plant diversity, Seeds of Change, J. Hudson Seedsman and Territorial

We are not currently certified organic growers, however we do adhere to the principles of
sustainable agriculture and are committed to the use of natural, organic soil amendments,
pesticides, herbicides, etc.

The plants you receive from us will be heirlooms, they will be free of chemicals, and they
will have been raised with love and hope for their future and their contribution to a healthy
balance on this Earth.

Gary constructs and manages our growing space, and is assembling a growing file of
heirloom growers and resources, and generally becoming a walking encyclopedia of all
things tomato and pepper.

Janet Smith operates Owlstar, a trading company selling music CDs by Native American
artists, decorative flags, and Native American-made jewelry. The Owlstar web site is
currrently under reconstruction.

In addition to our Web store, we have sales booth for Owlstar's Native American goods
and The Lovely Janet plants, produce, dried herbs, and essential oils at local pow wows
around the Southeast, at Second Saturday sidewalk fair each month at the Ashland town
square, at the Alexander City farmers market, Saturday mornings May through October,
and at our farm.

Note: We do our best to assure any plant we sell is healthy and strong.  If you visit our
farm or buy from us at a farmers' market, we can control this fully.   Shipping is another
matter.  After a few unfortunate shipping experiences, we worked out strategies to help
assure shipped plants arrive in good condition.  The US Postal Service priority mail has
worked better for us than other carriers, and generally delivers more quickly (less stressful
for the plant) and more inexpensively (less stressful for the consumer!).  We ship early in
the week, usually Monday or Tuesday, and while we've developed protective packaging we
avoid shipping during freezing or very hot weather.  Even then, accidents do happen.  
Contact us in that event, and we will replace damaged plants.

We also offer suggestions on plant care, and recommendations on natural fertilizers and
pest deterrents that have worked for us.
The Lovely Janet